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Welcome to Paul Mario Day's website

I have been a rock singer since 1972, a video producer since 2001, and a designer since 2006. I have a few things to share with you and services to offer.



I would like to let everyone know about last night’s show at Sydney’s Hi-Fi supporting Tim “Ripper” Owen. It made me remember why I love this proud thing called HEAVY ROCK, I was in hog heaven. Behind the stage as well s in the front restored my faith in humanity. As well as my faith in the goddess called ROCK, HEAVY METAL, CLASSIC ROCK. You know what I am talking about, its all good. It was an honour to have a word with “Ripper”, a true legend of voice. His band is wicked and all of them have real personalities. I also discovered great friendship in Hazmat; I would like to say we became soul brothers of sound and altitude. I found many friends after the show and there support will inspire me for months to come. If you do get a chance to see the Ripper tour in Australia and New Zeland, do so you will get so much back for the dollars you spend! Last but not least Thankyou Crimzon Lake played like divas, my hat off to the boys. PMD.


Just had an interview for Voltagemedia, an Australian Hard Rock web magazine. Many thanks to Mark Snedden for making it all possible. Give the link a click to check it out.


With multiple monstrous floods in Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Victoria, my news seems a little trite. Crimzon Lake best wishes go to the people who are enduring these floods and hope life will return to normal very soon.

Crimzon Lake has it’s own website on line now, and to celebrate this I have posted some work in progress song file for you to hear. Remember they are only work in progress. When I get some more time with Phillip Sawyers I will post some more of our work for your approval.


Danny has a video posted on Epic Guitars website. From 11.15 on the time line he is doing a demo of some of his playing. Connect via Dannys webpage on Crimson Lake or by clicking here.


It was stormy in the central coast of NSW today so pro tools was getting shut down more than it was on. So late in the day we decided to do some backing vocals for Hell Freezes Over to make something of the day. The sample on facebook (Crimson Lake) has been changed to give you a taste of that session.


Today I recorded the lead vocal on Jimmy with Phil, I am pleased the end result is as good as I expected.


The recording of my vocals with Phillip Sawyers for Crimson Lake started today. In this session I completed the lead vocal for Midnight Train and Hell Freezes Over. I have posted a sample of this work on facebook (Crimson Lake) for you to hear if you wish. Remember these recordings are not finished at all.


I have found out today due to popular demand, Crimson Lake has another show booked at the Wickham Park Hotel, The date is Thursday the 6th of January 2011. If you are local come over for a treat. Just ask anyone who came to the last show there.


A red-letter day, I have compleated a interview with a Russian web based heavy metal magazine Headbanger.

Kostya Chilikin of Headbanger, was very patient waiting for me to reply to this interview. I hope it was well received.

Also Phillip Sawyers called me last week about restarting my vocal sessions so fingers crossed on getting my vocals finished early in the New Year.


Sorry I have been away for a while. I have posted photos on the Crimson Lake page from our second ever show on 30-10-2010.

Recording has gone slow due to me earning a quid. However Danny has completed all his guitar parts and I must tell you that it is sounding like a top class album already.

Our association with Jamie and Warren of Epic Guitars is going well and you must check out their axes as they compare to Ferraris and Porsche in class and quality.


Tonight's session was the last of the bed track recordings. After listening to all of the work so far, we opted to re-take “I don’t want you” and “Hold on”. That went well and passed quickly, leaving us enough time before all the microphones were pulled down to lay down an “Iron Maiden” song, “Wasted years” for our good friend in Brazil, Ricardo Lira.

As from next week, I shall start recording the main vocals. Then working with Danny and Mark we will start on the backing vocals before we consider any other instrumental overdubs.

I will keep you all posted how that go’s.


Daniel Guitar Jackson's own page has been posted for you. It is packed full of photo's with his own biography. A facebook contact link has also been included, check it out.


Yesterday and Today, that is a fine name for a band. Well I went to the mobile, ready to sing the blues; yea I went to the mobile, ready to sing “Without You”. However, when I went to Cardiff, Mr. Sawyers said, do not fool yourself, your going to play them all again.

So that is what we did, we did the whole lot again over the two nights. I bet the neighbours were happy! Phillip had the right idea as we were adjusting and getting increasingly comfortable with the recording process. Each of us had the same experience to the recording vibe and we collectively excelled on every previously recorded track. It is getting to the point that I will keep my guide vocals. (I wont fool you, I will over dub as I love the recording process and want my share of the little perks it gives.)

We will be back in the saddle next Thursday for another crack of those backing tracks.


Tonight was the third session of recording the bed tracks and the band played like a monster music machine, laying down six more songs. Lonely Boy, Gypsy, In the Eighty’s, I Don’t Want You, Cherokee Indian, The Only Way, and re-recording Guilty the fist song recorded during sound checking the band, and aced that one compared to last Tuesdays effort. As usual, "Phillip Sawyers" was as supportive as he was technically adept. Tomorrow the plan is to record the whole lot again, and pick the best band performances and then start overdubs, such as some guitar, vocals and harmony’s.


Another great evening of recording with "Phillip Sawyers", however, the night was wet and cold but the band was hot and precise. Six songs were laid down last night… "Midnight Train, Hell Freezes Over, Without You, You don’t need a gun, Jimmy’s song and Hold On". Not bad for two hours work with Danny Jackson - Guitar, Mark Middleton - Bass and Stuart Humphris - Drums, all in one room, me and the lawn mowers in another while Phillip Sawyer is in a Transit Van in the back yard. We are back in recording next Tuesday evening to finish off the drum tracks for the album and to re listen to them to decide if we can do them any better.


Today is the start the Australian winter and Crimson Lakes début album. Recording started this evening with Mr. "Phillip Sawyers" at the controls. After setting up and preparing sounds there was enough time left to sound check as a band. In that sound check we achieved in a single take to lay down, "Guilty".  I am pleased to say without trying it blows our demo recording of last year completely out of the water.


Graduation Day, check out facebook to see my graduation photos.


Check out my new Flash format design site. Just click on the Designer link. Please let me know what you think.




I was born in Whitechapel, London on April 19 1956. My main influence in music over the years has been, The Beatles, Queen, Deep Purple, Yes, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Faith no More, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, and my long time love affair with a Canadian band called, Rush.

Recently I have completed my design degree in November 2009 and I am looking for work as a designer. Have a look at my design site using the link above to view my visual works.

At the age of 19, I had an opportunity to sing with “Iron Maiden”. This was my first real band, as my only other experience came from singing with friends in bedrooms and backyards. In the newly formed “Iron Maiden” . Other bands I worked with were…
MORE, Wildfire, The Sweet and now Crimzon Lake.

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