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My History in brief

I was born in Whitechapel, London on April 19 1956. My main influence in music over the years has been, The Beatles, Queen, Deep Purple, Yes, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Van Halen, and long time love, Rush.

1975 : Iron Maiden

At the age of 19, I had an opportunity to sing with “Iron Maiden”. This was my first real band, as my only other experience came from singing with friends in bedrooms and backyards. In the newly formed “Iron Maiden” I wrote my first song, – “Strange World” (unaccredited) which was included years later on their first album – simply called “Iron Maiden”.

1978 : MORE

After “Iron Maiden” I joined a three piece band called “More”, they were part of the New Wave of British heavy metal bands of the late 1970s touring throughout Europe and England. In 1980 with “More” we recorded our first album “Warhead” on the Atlantic record label. This album was recorded in England and mixed down in the United States. During that time in Detroit, (December 1980) hearing on the radio that “John Lennon” was shot dead in New York, it was a great blow to me as for all of his life The Beatles music was a strong force in my music. After “Warhead” was completed there were many European support tours with bands such as “Krocus”, “Def Leopard”, “Ted Nugent”, “Black Sabbath”, “Saxon” and coincidently with “Iron Maiden”, where I doubled up being a spot light operator in the France leg of the “Killers” tour. “More” also played in festivals in France, with “Foreigner”, “Motorhead”, and in Donington, England, with “AC/DC” and “Whitesnake” There were also many headlining tours of England during the period of 1980 / 1983.

1982 : Wildfire

I started my own band “Wildfire”, (1982-1985) and recorded two albums, “Brute Force and Ignorance” in Brussels and “Summer Lightning” at Shepperton Studios for a small Belgium record label “Mausoleum”, I was more hands on with these albums, being active in production as well as in writing and arrangements.

The audience response was outstanding, however, because of the small size of the recording company the albums were never in the shops at the same time of touring. This made life very frustrating for the band.

1985 : Sweet

I then joined “The Sweet” in 1985, touring Australia, Germany, Austria and England. Some say, I am still regarded as one of the greatest singers of “The Sweet”. This was my first cover band, but still managed to co-write three songs on an album with them “Sweet live at the Marquee” in 1986.

In Australia especially, I was well received, even today after almost 20 years, people still remember me with enthusiasm, and a search on the internet will reveal many hits and mentions of my career of those times.

1986 : Living in Australia

I left “The Sweet” in 1986 to immigrate to Australia. I then sang for several years in a Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin cover band and in a Duo act “The Cryptic”, before retiring professionally in 1992.

2006 : Can't keep an old dog down

In 2006 I came out of retirement and joined a local band in Newcastle, Australia, called “Gringos.”

Design, Videos and Photography

I have a Company – “Boxkite Vision” in Newcastle, making music videos, and video promotions. After studying English literature and Visual Art at Newcastle University in 2006,

Present time

I have now completed my Bachelor of Visual Communication degree and now I am concentrating on Crimzon Lake’s first album and live shows.